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Learn about yourself and careers you might like.



The Career Explorer.  Are you creative? Exacting? Mechanical? Innovative? Find out which careers might match your natural strengths so you can "do you" while building a career path. 


The "16 Personalities" test. Are you an extrovert who thrives on contact with people? Media appearances, account service, creative direction, or media sales might be exciting for you. Are you introvert who prefers sitting at a computer away from the crowds? A career in digital  media might be more your style--for example, managing social media, writing web copy, creating graphics, or editing video. Or, maybe you strike a balance with interests in all worlds.

is a scientific modification of the well-known Meyers-Briggs model for analyzing personality types. The test evaluates extroversion/introversion, observation/intuitition, thinking/feeling, judging/prospecting. It adds a fifth evaluation: assertiveness/turbulence. Many faculty usewhile tests such as this one to help students reflect and plan in their own lives, improve their opportunities, and understand others with whom they live and work.



Your results provide a large volume of information about your profile, including career possibilities, strengths and weaknesses, and insights about relationships and life experiences. It's a deep dive compared with most sites or quizzes of this kind. Whether you're a commander, diplomat, caretaker, adventurer, or other of the 16 personality types (or even perhaps a mix of many), this quiz can provide a wealth of knowledge. Take the quiz to help imagine your potential futures--or read about the theories behind this model.

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