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The ADPR program requires a portfolio of student work in the senior year.
Your portfolio demonstrates the work you will be able to do on the job,

and the salary your work is worth.




View this Wix template (screenshot above).
You can customize it with your own branding and content.

Here's how to send a request for this free Wix template to be sent to your account
(created by Juliet Davis for ADPR students).





1.  The goal of your portfolio website is to schedule an interview.

Once you have an interview, you have a chance to get the job.


2. Make it easy for employers to contact you (to schedule an interview).

Include your contact info in the header or footer so it appears on every page, in addition to your "Contact" page.

3. The following minimum links should be on your main menu:


4. Consider getting your own domain name (e.g.,
It only costs about $12 / year.

Once you have your domain name, you can forward it to any website you create and get a customized email address with your domain in it. To get a domain, go to any registrar (e.g., and buy it (e.g., If your name is taken, think of a variation that's short and easy to remember (e.g.,,,


5. Don't use your school email address.

Create a short, permanent, professional Gmail or Outlook address with your name in it--or create a customized email address when you get a domain.

6. Save all of your coursework from the very first semester forward.

You never know when you'll want to revise a class project for your portfolio. A good guideline is to never throw away work--in school or on the job--and remember to keep versions of it as you go.


7. Portfolio development takes time (and never ends).


Your self-promotional materials (resume, website, etc.) will be one of the largest and most important projects of your career. Give yourself time to develop it and seek feedback from many professionals and teachers as you go. Search the Web for tips on how to develop these aspects of your portfolio, and get inspired by the great work of others. To start, visit's "10 Steps to Building Your Perfect Online Portfolio." You will continue to develop your portfolio and resume throughout your career as you grown and change. It's never a light task, and it's particularly challenging and important for new graduates.

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