Congratulations! Here's what you need to do to graduate!

"Will I graduate on time?"

Meet with your advisor to plan your courses so you can graduate on time. If you are concerned about completing all your courses on time, remember the university offers 8-day May session and Winter session courses that allow you to complete a full course in 8 days. Also, there are hybrid courses taught partially online and on ground. Summer sessions are also an option if you need to catch up. 

Job Search


"What are my job prospects?"

This CNBC report suggests that getting a first job in-field can be important to a person's career, even if they have to pass up lower level jobs that come along first. Students in the field of Communication, on average, get a quicker job footing in their fields than those in most other majors the report cited, including business and marketing. Still, it can take three to six months to find a job. Strong job search strategies and tactics are keys to success.