Prerequisite Waivers for On-time Graduation

  1. Email your adviser AND professor teaching the course (or the program director if no professor is listed) to ask permission.

  2. Forward those permission emails to the chair, including your student ID number, the course section number, and the reason for your request; and

  3. Initiate the request in Workday (see video or text instructions). Indicate that you have sent the emails from your advisor and professor (or your request will not be processed).



Here is the information about registering for internships for credit in the Communication Department. 



  1. Incompletes are initiated by your professor, using the "I" option for a grade.

  2. The student requests the incomplete from the faculty member.

  3. Students must have completed the majority of coursework in order to request an incomplete.

  4. The student must complete the work by the university's deadline (which is usually half-way through the subsequent semester).


Closed-Course Petitions for On-time Graduation

If you need a course that is closed, in order to graduate on time or get a full-time load of courses--AND there are no other course options open for you: 

  1. Send an email to your advisor explaining your situation and showing that there are no other course options. 

  2. Your advisor will check your degree guide or progress report to confirm. 

  3. If your advisor can verify that you have no other options, then he/she/they may email the chair to request an overload into the course.

Closed-Course Petitions: for Academic or Professional Interest


If you want the course because you have a particular academic, professional, or personal passion for specific experiences a faculty member is offering that semester:


  1. communicate with the faculty member about these specifics.

  2. The faculty member may then request that the chair overload you.

  3. The chair has full discretion to make the determination. 


Change Grading
to Satisfactory/


Course Substitutions

If you have reason to request that an outside course "count" as one of the requirements for your major:

  1. Ask your advisor to make the request to the program director.

  2. If the program director approves, then a request will be made on your behalf to the chair.

  3. The chair makes the final determination.


Independent Studies

  1. Develop a plan for your independent study.

  2. Ask a full-time professor to conduct the independent study with you.

  3. The faculty member will guide you through the steps, utilizing this independent study form.