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LinkedIn is the Top Networking Platform for Job Search 
&  Career Development  (Think "Instagram for Job Searching").
Employers will look for your LinkedIn page.
Ask for employers and professors to endorse you there!

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How to Use LinkedIn For Your Job Search

Some ADPR Grads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Meghan Christopher, Communications Coordinator, Tampa Bay Water
LinkedIn: Ashley Bullock, Communication Consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield
LinkedIn: Jessica Van Curen, Director of Marketing & Communications
LinkedIn: Pete Iliopolous, Brand Manager and Strategist
LinkedIn: Melanie Rienzi, Creative Director
LinkedIn: Erika Peitersen, Social Media Strategist
LinkedIn:  Tamara Joseph, Senior Account Manager & PR Specialist
LinkedIn:  Erika Greco, Creative Digital Media Strategist
LinkedIn: Marisa Brasile, Account Manager, Roger West Creative
LinkedIn: Morgan Decker, Director of Marketing
LinkedIn: Taylor Whitesel, Multimedia Designer
LinkedIn: Samantha Nevin, Video Editor / Motion Graphics Designer
LinkedIn: Anthony Kershner, Content Development
LinkedIn: Dev McDowell, Digital Marketing
LinkedIn: Elizabeth Swedish, Copywriter
LinkedIn: Shannon Donavan, Account Director and Influencer Integration
LinkedIn: Chris Butler, Director, Business Strategy & Operations
LinkedIn: Samantha (Sam) Gant: Digital Media Strategist & Content Creator
LinkedIn: Parker Lewis, Assistant Account Director
LinkedIn: Yendy Cave, Marketing Director
LinkedIn: Shelby Malvestuto, Marketing Director
LinkedIn: Zoë Lorusso, Marketing Coordinator
LinkedIn: Donna Douglas, Senior Marketing Coordinator
LinkedIn: Vanessa Charles, Founder of “Amplify,” Speaker and Business Coach
Brock Communications TeamBios:
Missy Hurley, Co-founder of B2 Communications (PR)
(and hundreds more)

5 Steps for Using LinkedIN​

If you are planning to conduct a job search at some point upon graduation or before, you need a LinkedIn profile and information on how to use it most effectively to meet your goals. Here are 5 vital steps to make it work for you.

1. Have a professional headshot and cover photo
2. Identify a profession for yourself, even if you don't currently have one (e.g., Public Relations and Social Media Marketing) 

3. Fill Out Your Profile Completely. Craft your bio carefully, emphasizing hard skills. Link to your resume and/or online portfolio
4. Ask your professors, internship supervisors, and employers to endorse you on LinkedIn.

5. Post articles about trends in your field, so show you care about keeping up with your industry.


Beyond these basic tips, if you have excellent professional blogging skills, post blogs that demonstrate your knowledge of your field. Take a positive tone and references to outside articles. Topics may include new trends in your field, how-to posts, opinion posts on a case study, etc.


Business Insider: "How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job"


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