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Jump-start your career
with internships and student organizations.


The Department of Communication has cultivated top national, local, and international internship sites for our students. See these 90 local internship sites  or choose your own.


1. STEP ONE: Check Out These Internship Sites
Set up an account in Handshake and search for available internships related to your major. You can also peruse the list of over 90 local internship sites that have hosted UT Communication students in the past or use your personal/professional network of contacts to approach a potential internship site on your own. See these Internship Contacts for help.


2. STEP TWO: Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

When applying, do your best to customize both your cover letter and resume to emphasize which aspects of your own experience, talents and goals align with the specific duties of the internship. See the "Job Search" menu in this website for tips on developing your resume and portfolio.


3. STEP THREE: Prepare to Receive Credit (or Not)

Read about how to earn credit for your Communication Dept. internship and look over Career Services' very helpful Student Internship Guide. 

How to Find An Internship


Make invaluable connections, learn new skills, meet employers, collaborate in contests, and make your mark before you even graduate. 


1. STEP ONE: Check Out These Organizations
Check out this list of student organizations related to the ADPR major and get active today! AD2 Tampa Bay, The Ad Club, and PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) are the top networking opportunities for ADPR students.

2. STEP TWO: Consider a Leadership Position

Leadership positions allow you to communicate and network with local icons to engage guest speakers, obtain mentorship, and collaborate with your most engaged classmates.


3. STEP THREE: Build Your Portfolio & Resume

Through these organizations, build a winning portfolio and resume and get experience professionally communicating with an extensive network.

How to Find a Student Org
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