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Job Interview




The goal of your resume and portfolio is to get you an interview,
because that's where you actually get the job.
Yep, face-to-face in a room. So, let's nail this!


Mock Interviews at the Center for Public Speaking

  • Practice is the key to interview success.

  • Schedule interview mentorship at the U.T. Center for Public Speaking!

  • You'll be mentored in interview techniques, practice Q&A, and be ready for game day!

Common Interview Questions


Negotiating Salary



What to Wear

  • What you wear speaks volumes to a prospective employer about how you perceive your own worth.

  • Always dress more professionally than the average employee at the company.

  • Check out this Careers article on "The Best Outfits for Job Interviews."

    Employer Quote: "Even if the job is casual, we want to see what candidates look like in their best professional dress, so we know whether they know how to do that. It also shows they care about the interview."  


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